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Tuesday 3th March

Paul blazes a cycling trail

When Dunstable based Paul Hooker took up two challenges from Travel Choices he had two goals in mind: to improve his health by using more sustainable forms of transport and save money.  Paul took up the challenge to cycle more and to try out the Busway, using a free taster ticket.

Paul was already  a cyclist having a choice of two trailers which  he attaches to his bicycle for different purposes.  One is to ferry his daughters to and from school. The children really enjoy their daily ride to school and accept it as the norm for travel options. The other trailer is used to carry household shopping or laundry.  He can manage an £80 .shop on one trip from the supermarket by bicycle!The child trailer was purchased at a cost of £300 and Paul calculated that the cost was recovered within 3-months, making it a very viable alternative to bus or taxi fares as he does not use a car for daily journeys. 

Paul took up the challenge to increase his cycling as he’s keenly aware of the benefits as he suffers from some health issues and his GP has confirmed that cycling is beneficial.  As part of his campaign to increase his cycling, Paul is pacing himself and  can currently manage 8-miles in 46 minutes.  He is now in preparation for a charity cycle ride which will cover an 80-mile route.

As well as cycling and encouraging the next generation of cyclists, Paul has added the Busway to his methods of travel.  He finds being able to board close to home and the rapid journey time a real advantage.

23 Mar 2017  22:10

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