New Dial-a-Ride service offers 18 months free membership

Greensand Country Link, a new dial-a-ride service that launched last month, is offering 18 months free membership for anyone who joins before the end of December.

Do you or someone you know struggle to use public transport?  Do you live in a part of Central Bedfordshire that doesn’t have a regular bus service or do you find it difficult to reach a bus stop or get on or off a conventional bus? Dial-a-ride services may provide the solution!  

The new service covers a wide area of Central Bedfordshire from Biggleswade to Brogborough, Cranfield to Wrestlingworth and provides community based transport for people who find it difficult to access regular public transport. Read on to find out how dial-a-ride and community bus services could benefit you or someone you know.

Dial-a-ride services are designed to offer a door-to-door service for people who are unable to complete journeys using public transport.  The drivers can provide extra help like assisting you to and from your front door or by carrying your shopping and the vehicles are all wheelchair accessible.

There are three dial-a-ride services covering Central Bedfordshire; Buzzer Bus, covering the western side of county, the recently launched, Greensand Country Link, providing services in the centre of the county and South Beds Dial-a-Ride covering villages surrounding Dunstable, including Luton & Dunstable hospital.

To use any of the above services, you need to register and pay a small annual membership fee.  Once registered, booking your trip is easy; simply call the booking line, giving as much notice as you can and tell the operator where and when you want to go. The driver will call to your door and help you onto the bus if you need help, collecting your fare once you’re comfortably seated.  Currently fares range from £1.50 to £2.25 per single trip depending on which service you use, and where you’re going.

In addition to dial-a-ride services, there are a number of community bus schemes providing services to the residents of Central Bedfordshire. These are mostly community interest organisations, staffed by volunteers. The buses generally operate fixed routes to several different villages once or twice a week, and go to larger towns including Bedford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Hitchin.  These services are great because you can use your concessionary bus pass and they provide useful links between rural areas and surrounding towns. Many drivers operate the same routes every week and, coupled with regular users create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere on board.

For details of the dial-a-ride and community bus services operating where you live, visit Central Bedfordshire Council’s website

21 April 2019  11:55