Pupils use their own power to reach Lapland

On 9 February, Chloe from Flitwick Lower School was announced as the lucky winner of the Santa Challenge held before Christmas. Chloe was presented with a new Frog bike for the amount of amazing journeys she covered during the Santa Challenge. The bike was presented at a special assembly by Alister Barclay, Schools Bike It Officer.

The very successful challenge saw 28 schools taking part across Central Bedfordshire to make a virtual trip to cover the 2050-mile trip to reach Lapland by foot, cycle or scooter.

The interschool challenge, funded by Central Bedfordshire Council and organised by sustainable  transport charity Sustrans, aims to encourage more people to get healthy through making journeys by foot, cycle or scooter whilst reducing congestion on the road and improving the environment.

Schools Bike It Officer, Alister Barclay said “Many individual schools made it to Lapland and with all school journeys combined, we travelled 60 journeys to Lapland - over 122,000 miles, 5 times around the world and halfway to the moon! Active travel – walking, cycling and scooting, can help keep us all warm, happy and safe. It can also do wonders for our health.

“The Santa Challenge has shown us that these travel modes can be simpler and easier for all of us. Everyone who took part in the Santa Challenge was a winner, they got into the exercise habit as well as reducing congestion on local roads and outside school gates during peak times.

“Huge congratulations to Chloe for doing so well in the Santa Challenge. This challenge is increasing in popularity each year and it’s great to know that so many children are excited about making journeys by foot, cycle or scooter.

“These are great ways to stay fit and healthy while reducing your carbon footprint, so well done to everyone who took part and let’s carry on making more journeys using our own power”.

21 June 2018  11:55