Travel Choices Project

What is the Travel Choices project?

Travel Choices is a three year project funded through the Government's Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LTSF) to support the economy of Dunstable, Houghton Regis and Leighton Buzzard by providing residents and businesses with an improved choice for local journeys reducing car use, cutting costs and improving health.

As part of the monitoring and reporting of the Travel Choices project funded by the Governments Local Sustainable Transport Fund we have compiled an end of year report (2012/13) To view the report click here.

What's the bigger picture?

Congestion is the major transport problem facing Central Bedfordshire. The delays experienced by motorists, businesses and those using public transport is not only an inconvenience, impacting on our opportunities for growth.

Around half of all car journeys are between 1 and 5 miles, and 2 out of 3 of all the trips we make are under 5 miles - as such, there is substantial potential to increase take-up of sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling or public transport.

Why make fewer trips by car?

  • Fewer car journeys will reduce the CO 2 emissions that contribute to climate change
  • The fewer trips you make, the more money you save on fuel
  • Nearly a quarter of all car trips are under two miles, a distance that can be cycled in under 15 minutes.
  • Cycling two-mile trips could save £600 per year in fuel
  • Car journeys under one mile normally take 20 minutes to walk.
  • Walking one-mile trips could save £160 per year in fuel.
  • Walking and Cycling on a regular basis is good for your heart and lungs, burns calories and is a good way to a healthier active life

What are the key objectives of the project?

  • Improved access to employment by sustainable modes of transport.
  • Reduce the impact of commuting trips on local communities.
  • Maximising opportunities for training and education for those without access to a car.

How will this be done?

Work will be focussed on Dunstable and Houghton Regis and Leighton Linslade, supporting the authorityís growth agenda. The funding will enable Central Bedfordshire to provide the following:

  • Business support - work with businesses to introduce improvements that support the use of the bus, walking and cycling.
  • Access to education and training - work with local education providers to encourage more active travel and improved choice for local journeys.
  • Community liaison - work with priority groups in the local community to remove the barriers to travelling in a more sustainable way.

Who will be involved?

Central Bedfordshire will be working closely with a number of partner organisations including Town Councils, NHS Bedfordshire, local businesses, Central Bedfordshire College, local community representatives and third sector organisations.

What will we see happening?

  • Improvements to walking and cycling routes in Dunstable and Houghton Regis including National Cycle Route 6.
  • Improved information for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.
  • Promotional events and activities in town centres, employment areas and local communities.
  • A promotional ëhubí in Dunstable town centre which will provide information on travel options and other programmes of activity.
  • A Wheels to Work scheme, offering alternative forms of transport (scooters & bicycles) to young people for whom travel remains a barrier to work and training.
  • Sustrans ëBike Ití programme in local schools promotion the benefits of cycling.
  • A team of Active Travel advisors offering personalised travel and transport information to residents and local businesses.
  • Our new business travel grants will provide up to £3,000 to fund site infrastructure improvements, such as new cycle shelters, showers, changing rooms and more.

When will work start?

  • We are already working with our highways partners; Amey Infrastructure to develop a programme of walking and cycling improvements this year.
  • Our team of active travel advisors will be out and about in Leighton Linslade in September.
  • Our Wheels to Work scheme is already up and running through Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity.
  • Our Bike It programme will be underway in the academic year starting September 2012.
  • We anticipate our Active Travel Hub will be open for business in October 2012.

26 June 2017  11:55