What Travel Choices can do for businesses

It’s not just residents and community groups that can benefit from our Travel Choices programme – we can provide dedicated workplace support to help you manage your staff travel and business related journeys.

Here are some of the things we can offer

  • Personalised cycle routes.

  • Personalised travel planning.

  • Bespoke maps.

  • Free bike security marking.

  • Free cycle confidence training.

  • Bike maintenance skills workshops.

  • Organised active travel initiatives.

  • Reward schemes.

  • Free bike racks

Lift sharing

Car-sharing is one of the easiest ways to reduce the impact of car travel on your business. Whether you’re trying to reduce the demand for on-site parking or want to reduce traffic congestion near your business, encouraging staff and visitors to share car journeys can make a big difference!

Travel Choices has created a lift-sharing community that enables staff to search for others making similar regular or occasional journeys, either as a driver or a passenger.

With high volumes of people travelling to business and industrial parks, hospitals and other large employment centres, there are lots of opportunities to share the cost of driving whilst also playing your part in reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. We already have more than 700 people registered with Liftshare in the Central Bedfordshire area, so why not see if there’s anyone travelling your way!

Visit Liftshare for more information.

Create personalised maps for your staff

Travel Choices can create personalised maps that encourage your staff to consider walking or cycling to work. Each map is created to show estimated walking and cycling times and can be customised to suit your needs. Once your map has been created it can be reproduced whenever you need it; for instance you may want to offer it to visitors or, include it as part of an information pack for new starters.