Why car share?

Everyone else is doing it

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Around 700 people in Central Bedfordshire have already signed up to car sharing through the CB Travel Choices Liftshare website. Nationally, around 250,000 people car share. 
Liftshare enables you to search for others travelling your way - an easy way to cut monthly fuel bills and reduce car parking demand at workplaces. Put another way, it's your ticket to half-price petrol! 

You could halve your fuel costs for regular trips

You could save up to £1,000 a year and 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) by sharing your car.

Regular trips are the best ones to target to make those attractive savings, such as the daily commute to work or going to the match at the weekend. Some examples of typical annual savings that can be achieved on commuter routes in and around Dunstable are as follows, based on sharing with one person only:

  • Luton town centre to Porz Avenue, Dunstable – 5 miles – saving £301 per year and 319.4kg of CO2

  • Leighton Buzzard town centre to Woodside Estate, Dunstable – 9 miles – saving £570 per year and 606.9kg kg C02

  • Dunstable town centre to Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard – 8 miles – saving £485 per year and 517.5 kg of CO2

  • Houghton Regis town centre to Luton town centre - 6 miles – saving £371 per year and 396.1 kg of CO2

It keeps our roads moving

Did you know that there are a staggering 38 million empty seats in cars on UK roads every weekday?

Car sharing in Central Bedfordshire can really make a difference in reducing congestion by taking more cars off the road and freeing up road space to keep our towns moving.