Why take the bus?

Using the bus could be cheaper and more convenient than you think and it helps the environment as well as reducing congestion.


Many households in Central Bedfordshire can save money by using public transport when compared to the full cost of running a car or in some cases owning and running a second car.


Approximately 80% of households in Central Bedfordshire are within 30 minutes of a town centre by bus and 94% within 30 minutes of a supermarket.

Environmentally friendly and reduces congestion

5% of CO2 is produced by buses, compared to 60% from passenger car trips of the UK road transport sector.

Switching just one car journey in 25 to bus or coach, can remove one billion car journeys from our roads and result in a reduction of 2m tonnes of CO2.

The average number of people in a coach is 32 compared to 1.58 in a car.

In 2015, 62% of car journeys had just one person in them. [National Travel Survey 2015].

Car journeys in the UK - 2015

62% of all car journeys had only 1 person in the car